Your Tour Guide to Glassboro, NJ: The Glassboro History Handbook

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out my new blog, “The Glassboro History Handbook.” This blog has been made for my Online Journalism class at Rowan University. My blog this semester will cover historical events and places in Rowan’s hometown of Glassboro, NJ. I’ve noticed that students at Rowan University don’t know what history lies in this college town 30 minutes south of Philadelphia.

Glassboro Railway from the crossing at Oakwood and Whitney Ave

Did you know that Glassboro had two United States Presidents visit the town in two different decades? Did you know Glassboro once had a major train station in it? Did you know that a majority of High St. was once a glass factory? A lot of people I talk to say no they don’t, that is why I am here to help.

My goal is to cover a historic places in Glassboro weekly. With the help of the Glassboro Historical Society, I hope to give readers information about historical sites in and around the town. Over the next few weeks, you’ll join me on a virtual tour to different locations such as Hollybush Mansion, The original Glassboro Normal School, The West Deptford Train Depot, and more.

I am ready to explore Glassboro’s history, and am hoping you’ll  to come along for the journey. With warm regards, welcome to the Glassboro History Handbook.


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