A Former Rowan University Professor Shares Roots of Glassboro, Gives Forecast for the Future

Mary Lee Donahue Headshot
Mary Lee Donahue’s Profile Picture for her nj.com profile. (Photo/Mary Lee Donahue)
Today, I got the opportunity to hear from Mary Lee Donahue, a former Professor from Rowan University. Donahue was a Communication Professor at Rowan University from 1983 until 2007. Born in Washington, D.C., she also lived in Tennessee before relocating to South Jersey.

Donahue is enthusiastic about Glassboro’s history, and has shared that history of “multiculturalism” with students and her own children. She also has published a few books, one being a small history book about Glassboro that I actually had used as a source of information for my Glassboro Normal School Post.

Check out my audio interview with her from earlier today. We talked for about a half hour in her backyard at her home in Glassboro, while enjoying some sunshine. She seemed thrilled that I was interested in interviewing her, but more importantly that I was interested in sharing Glassboro history via the internet. She shared some interesting information about how the town started as a stagecoach stop between Cape May, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. She also gave me a prediction about the town’s future, as Rowan University continues to grow.





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