St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Main St. Takes Visitors Back to Yesteryear

If you look to the left at the intersection of Main and Carpenter St., you’ll see the Holly Pointe Commons, Rowan’s newest dorm that takes on the image of a 21st Century Building. Look to the right, and you’ll be taken back to the 1800’s.

Across the street from Holly Pointe stands St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The church, built in 1846, is registered with the National Register of Historic Places. The church has serviced hundreds of families since it’s foundation. Some families including the Stanger and Whitney families, whose names can be found on headstones throughout the cemetery.

The church was originally established in 1791 on North Main St, two blocks from it’s

Gravestone of Thomas Stanger. The Stanger Family came to Glassboro and opened the first glass factory in Glassboro. (Photo/Eric Conklin)

current location. According to a log of the church’s history, the building was “a plain, log cabin with one un-plastered room” and was the earliest house of worship in Glassboro.  The building also doubled as a schoolhouse. The church’s membership list continued to grow over a 55 year period. To accommodate the growing congregation, a new church finished construction in 1846. This new building is the current church located across from Holly Pointe.


Building the church started after land was donated by Bathsheba Whitney, wife of Ebenezer Whitney, and mother of Thomas and Samuel. Philadelphia Architect John Notman was put in charge of designing the building’s structure.

Gravestone of Annie A. Whitney. Note the last name, as the Whitney Family has historical significance in Glassboro’s growth in the 1800’s. (Photo/Eric Conklin)


The structure has a gothic look to it, sort of like churches you may find throughout Europe. One particular church I found online is the Church of Plombieres. If you’re interested, check out the link here to take a look at the church featured in a blog post I found. These churches are intriguing because of their unique design and detail that have captivated visitors around the world.

Registered with the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the church sits on Main St. welcoming all who decide to visit for worship.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church is located at 212 N Main St. in Glassboro, New Jersey.




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