About the Handbook

Hello, and thank you for checking out my blog.

When I had first heard of Rowan University, I learned that it was in a town about an hour away from home called Glassboro. It wasn’t until my first semester that I learned about the historical events and places Glassboro parents. From Hollybush Mansion to the Whitney Glassworks, I was amazed that a small college town in Southern New Jersey had so much history hidden behind the busy traffic of 322, foot traffic of students heading to class, and quite backstreets where residents enjoy their home.

I decided to make this blog for one main purpose – to share the history of Glassboro with others. I hope students, staff, residents, and visitors will learn more about what secrets may not catch mainstream attention.  I hope you enjoy reading about Glassboro, and what secrets you may uncover.



Eric C.